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Waving Deductibles at Scholfield Hatchett Collision Center

Mar 2, 2021 | AUTO REPAIR

Many body shops in the Wichita area advertise that they will waive your deduction, or work with you to reduce it.  This sounds like a great idea when you have auto damage and do not have a lot of cash on hand to pay your deductible, but what are the hidden facts behind why this is offered at some body shops and the risks associated with the practice? This article will provide some information on deductibles, what to look out for and how we at Scholfield Hatchett Collision Center ensure your vehicle is repaired professionally and honestly.

What is a deductible?

In some states (Kansas is not one of them) the insurance policy requires an insured party to pay the first part of the repair cost – which is known as a deductible. The deductible is determined by you and your insurance company when you purchase an insurance policy.  Some insurance policies require proof of a deductible payment when an insurance claim is processed, and also expect the vehicle will be repaired back to the condition that it was in before the accident.  We work with our customers to determine the type of repairs that will be done to their vehicle to ensure these requirements are met.

Can we pad the total cost to your insurance company to cover the deductible?

A question commonly asked is if we can “pad” the estimate to cover the cost of the deductible. This could be interpreted as insurance fraud and is not an ethical business practice. Insurance companies are savvy and know the typical cost to repair a vehicle based on the damage, and if a repair shop is caught doing this they could face legal action or be restricted by the insurance companies. Insurance companies also audit every estimate to verify damages correspond with the repair estimate and meet industry cost standards. If an auto collision repair shop offers to cover your whole deductible, you should be aware of how they plan on covering that cost without compromising the repair and be on the lookout for them possibly using lower quality parts and materials, not compensating their employees properly, or performing substandard work.  Scholfield Hattchett Collision Center strives to perform all repairs correctly, and we do not cut corners, use lesser materials, or not compensate our employees properly. We believe in using the right materials that will hold up over time to ensure our lifetime warranty and look the best on your vehicle.

What can we do to help reduce the cost of your repair?

The best advice for auto collision repair is to find a company that you know is reputable, honest and does great work.  This can be done by researching the company and reading reviews, talking to friends that have had repairs performed at the shop, and visiting with the repair estimator to understand how they will repair your vehicle properly.  Here at Scholfield Hatchett Collision Center we can work with you and your insurance company to see if there are alternatives to reduce the total cost of repair and possibly cover a portion of the deductible by reviewing the requirements your insurance company has in place for the repair.