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Preventing Non-Collision Damage


You can’t really avoid accidents. You can stay alert, drive cautiously, and take all the safety precautions, but there’s no guarantee. However, there are certain things you can do to help avoid other damage.

Park Away from Other Vehicles

Parking away from others can help prevent door dings and scratches. Many new car owners will choose to walk a little further if it means less door dings. After the new wears off, it may still be a good idea to park away from others to avoid getting hit by shopping carts.

While a scratch here and there may not bother you right away, they accumulate over time and can make your car look older.

Hide Valuables

Theft happens. Thieves are often tempted to break in when they see something valuable sitting in your car. We suggest hiding your expensive sunglasses, electronics, or handbags. Whether that means the glove compartment, console, trunk or under the seats, hiding valuables will make your car less likely to get broken into.

Cover Your Car

If you can, park your car in the garage or under an overhang. Doing so will protect it from the elements, including hail and the sun. The sun can fade your paint. Aside from weather, putting it in the garage can help you avoid getting hit by another car on the street.

Keep it Clean

Washing your vehicle can help prevent paint damage and corrosion later on. Dirt, road salt, and other harmful elements can cause scratches, discoloring, or rust. Wash your car periodically, especially after a road trip.

Fixing It Up

If you have been in an accident or have non-collision damage, call Scholfield Hatchett Collision Center today. We can get your car back on the road.