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Ignoring Bumper Damage

Feb 4, 2020 | AUTO REPAIR

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Bumper Damage

When people have minor damage to their bumpers, they often put off getting it fixed for a variety of reasons. Even if it’s minor, you shouldn’t ignore the damage. Here are three reasons you should take your vehicle in to a collision center:

Vehicle Safety is at Risk

Vehicles have bumpers on them to reduce the damage to certain areas of your car and to increase the safety of its passengers. Already having damage to the bumper can harm the integrity of the vehicle’s safety. If the bumper isn’t repaired, the next impact could be worse.

Insurance Claims Could Be Denied

We have insurance to cover the unexpected. However, when the damage is minor, we may try to avoid making an insurance claim. No matter what the reason is for putting off the insurance claim, it is important to make sure the damage is fixed, just in case there is more damage to the vehicle later. If there is more damage to the car, there’s a chance the insurance provider will deny the claim due to the original damage.

It Could Decrease Resale Value

Typically, Americans change their vehicles every six years. If you’re wanting to trade in your ride for the next car, your vehicle will be inspected by the buyer, which is typically a dealership. The trade-in value will take into consideration the age, model, mileage and appearance of the vehicle. The appearance can be a big deal for the trade-in value. Having bumper damage, even if it’s small and not as noticeable, can lower the resale value.