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Dog Days of Summer

Jul 28, 2020 | UNCATEGORIZED

Keeping Your Furry Friend Safe on the Road

The dog days of summer are here! While there may not be a lot of road-tripping this year, it’s still fun to load up your furry friend and take them for a ride. Whether you’re going for a quick trip to the lake or taking a long road trip, here are a few ways to combat the rising temperatures and keeping your pup safe on the road.

Drive Something Dog Friendly

Whether you’re looking for a new ride or a rental for the weekend, don’t forget to consider your four-legged family members. The two main things to consider when looking for a dog-friendly ride are safety and comfort. Features like sliding doors make it easy to load and unload your dog, while folding rear seats can make a large, flat area for comfort.

Prep Your Pup

Long trips can be hard on dogs, especially if they’re not used to being in the car. The last thing you want is to find that your pup gets car sick. You can try easing them in by taking them on short car rides. Be sure to use the same crate or harness that you will use on the trip, so they are used to it. During your travels, we recommend using familiar blankets and favorite toys in the car to help keep them occupied and relieve some stress.

Buckle Up

Buckling your dog is extremely important when on the road. As harmless as it may seem, letting your dog have free range while you’re driving can lead to distractions and maybe even disaster. We recommend using a kennel or a harness equipped with car seat attachments to help keep your dog safely in place.

Take Plenty of Breaks

While keeping your furry friend harnessed is important, that doesn’t mean moving around should be banned all together. Reward your dog’s good behavior with frequent stops to stretch out their legs, burn off energy, and give them bathroom breaks. Before you leave, look up your route and find dog-friendly areas to stop. A good rule of thumb is to stop every three to four hours. It’ll not only give your dog a break, but you’ll feel refreshed after as well!

First Aid Isn’t Just for People

Prevention is the best medicine. Accidents and illnesses can strike at any time, so we recommend prepping yourself. Invest in a per first-aid kit or make your own. Be sure to include tweezers, antiseptic pads, ointment, bandages, and gloves to start. Add anything else you think your four-legged family might need! In addition to looking up rest areas for your dog, it is also beneficial to find emergency veterinary facilities along the way.

Collision Center

The more homework you do, the fewer surprises there will be when you travel with your furry friend. However, even the most prepared drivers can hit a bump along the way. If you happen to find a dent or end up in a collision, stop by and see us! The experts in our body shop will work on to get you back on the road as soon as we can.